The ruraLAB 3.0 project, co-funded by the European Commission's Erasmus+ programme, offers you a series of tools that will allow you to acquire skills, learn about social entrepreneurship and propose real projects from rural areas that will have a positive impact.


Why is social entrepreneurship in rural areas important?

Social entrepreneurship is a specific type of entrepreneurship in which the new business ideas developed will have a positive social, economic and/or environmental impact on the area where they are implemented. 

Given that in Europe we are facing a problem regarding the depopulation and emptying of rural areas, it is essential to create opportunities for young people in these areas, and that these opportunities are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

Social entrepreneurship may be the opportunity that rural areas have been waiting for.

To support youth associations or municipalities that want to implement the ruraLAB 3.0 methodology or create rural hubs

The aim is to revitalize rural areas through promoting the implementation of the ruraLAB methodology in order to avoid the depopulation of rural areas.

To offer training in social entrepreneurship to young people in rural areas, as well as a platform to connect social entrepreneurs and investors

The aim is to offer training and support networking between rural and urban areas.

To determine the skills profile of young social entrepreneurs in rural areas


The aim is to carry out research on the skills profile of young people in rural areas.