Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata

It is a public university, established in 1981 with the aim of providing high-quality and interdisciplinary education to students and scholars in order to tackle the ever-evolving needs and challenges of contemporary societies. It offers first and second cycle study programmes in the fields of humanities, economics, engineering, mathematics and sciences, and medicine; master’s degrees also at the inter-institutional level; PhD programmes; specialisation courses in medical studies. In the current academic year 2019-20, approximately 29.000 students are enrolled, with a balanced gender ratio. The University employs approx. 2.100 scholars (full-time professors and researchers). In 1999, as a part of the University, the Scuola Iad (Istruzione a Distanza - School of Distance education) was created to provide a scientific structure for the provision of teaching, research and specialised services for innovation in learning and teaching. It also provides computerised classrooms, training and continuous professional development opportunities for SMEs.

The School’s programmes enable the concept of interdisciplinarity to be put into practice: the Guidelines and courses are defined by its Board, which is composed of professors appointed by the departments of the Faculties of Economics, Law, Engineering, Humanities, Medicine and Science. It is a member of the Italian e-Learning Society (SIe-L), an AICA Competence Center for IT certifications and the University Delegate for e-Learning and Lifelong Learning at the Rectors’ Conference (CRUI). It is also a member of the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU). Research and the “third mission” are key connected areas at the IaD School. The initiatives carried out at national and international scale tackle urgent issues, such as the role of communication in fragmented societies, and the emergence of new languages in social media. These contribute to enrich the curricula and “contaminate” study programmes with real-life situations. This is proving to be particularly effective for students who are engaged in a more motivational and committed learning process, and has beneficial results in terms of job placement.

Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata (it)


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Legal Representative: Orazio Schillaci, Rector
E-mail: rettore@uniroma2.it

Contact: Andrea Volterrani
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