Edu-Europe” is a start-up educational organization in the form of a Social Cooperative Enterprise based in Larissa, Greece. Its team consists of experienced and awarded educators who work in parallel in public education, occupy positions of responsibility within education, and have an excellent academic and professional background. Their mission is to:

  • Promote Quality Education (4 SDG)
  • Research and disseminate innovative activities in education
  • Develop blended and project-based learning
  • Develop S.T.E.A.M. Education scenarios
  • Promote environmental education
  • Promote interdisciplinary learning approaches
  • Bridge the gap between secondary and higher education
  • Work in the field of non-formal education
  • Bridge the gap between formal and non-formal education
  • Give teachers the opportunity to discover new teaching methodologies
  • Give teachers the opportunity to work in a more inclusive way
  • Promote openness and cooperation with European educational organizations
  • Promote decent work and economic growth (8 SDG) by enhancing entrepreneurship, youth and lifelong learning
  • Institutionalize impact and scale-up for optimal efficiency and growth of innovative education to maximize its reach
  • Empower digital skills for successful remote communication and interaction
  • Promote aggregations for the efficient inclusion of young people into society
  • Design operations to profit for both social impact and survival of the organization
  • Promote European integration through EU-funded projects

edu-europe (EL)



Legal Representative: Dimitrios Nakos

Contact: Chryssa Velissariou