The Knowledge Triangle represents the synthesis of Lisbon Strategy on the process of building an economy in European Union based on Knowledge and that is moving forward to Europe 2020. It indicates the role and the effectiveness of the interaction between the Knowledge pillars, namely Education & Training, Research and Innovation, as fundamental to build an economy able to let EU compete with other worldwide economies.

Considering the necessity of developing new ideas on methodology and training trying, at the same time, to keep a focus on innovation processes, in accordance with targets identified by European Commission for the period 2021-2027, 10 Founder Organizations from 8 different countries and different Sectors, set up in 2019,  the “Centre for Research and European Studies - future business” (CRES-fb Association)

Promoters and Founding Members of this initiative are:

  • Finance & Banking - Association for Organizational Development and Human Resources (IT)
  • Multimedia Academic Global - MAG (University Uninettuno Spin-off - IT)

Other Founders:

  • Dimitra Education & Consulting - EL (Private VET Provider);
  • Institut d’Estudis Financers - ES (Training Provider);
  • University of Applied Sciences - DE (Higher Education);
  • ANCCP – ES (Social Inclusion Training);
  • DMPC – PT (Consultancy Company);
  • Malta Union of Bank Employees – MT (Trade Union);
  • Folkuniversitetet – SE (Adult Education Training)
  • IBI - International Banking Institute – RU (University of St. Petersburg)

CRES aims to:

  • Realise studies, researches and European Projects in order to promote European Policies regarding Training and Professional Development
  • Encourage the exchange of experience, knowledge and information
  • Provide Training and Consultancy activities
  • Promote Quality Assurance within Vocational Education and Training
  • Define and Develop the European Professional Qualifications portfolio
  • Promote the implementation and development of innovative organisational solutions for enterprises
  • Collaborate with national and international organizations, in particular with Universities, Research and Research Centres, Schools, Training Institutes and Chambers of Commerce
  • Organize and participate in conferences, workshops, seminars, meetings and study visits
  • Carry out studies and European researches aimed at promoting Active Citizenship
  • Manage her own newsletter, books, articles and documents, also online.




Contact: Mario Spatafora